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Repertoire Suggestions

I am always looking for new works to program and welcome any sugggestions for pieces to consider. The full complement of the ensemble is:
instrumentation format: fl,ob,cl,bn - hn,tp,tbn,tba - pc,hp,pn - vn,va,vc,cb

Please be aware that I may not be able to answer right away and that there are many variables to consider in programming for the IU NME.
Not least, all 18 players need to have playing experience on every program, so concerts tend to favor pieces for medium to large ensembles, though occasionally a chamber work is programmed.

If you want to suggest a work, please send an email to in the following format (which will help me add it to a list of works being considered):

1st line of text: Composer, Title, Date, Duration, Instrumentation
2nd line of text: Publisher and/or Composer contact information
3rd lines of text: link to a score or score sample
4th line of text: link to an audio sample


David Dzubay, Double Black Diamond, 2007, 1*11*1 - 1111 - 2pc,pn,synth - 2111;

Thank you for your interest in the IU New Music Ensemble!

Music Admissions
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