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Rehearsal Schedule

Normal Rehearsal Times are MWF, 12:20-2:15, MAC 040. Parts are available at PED in the Music Library.

Rehearsals times are subject to change. Consider the NME schedule farther out than a week to be tentative - don't schedule anything during NME time.

Please check back here frequently (and sync this calendar to your mobile device).

Scores and Recordings: Access through Box
Du Yun: Vicissitudes No. 1
Du Yun: Tattooed in Snow
David Dzubay: PHO
Krysztof Wolek: Eppur Si Muove

Tentative Concert Dates for 2020-21 (8PM): 10/8, 11/19 or 12, 2/4, 3/4, 4/15

Dress Rehearsal Dates: Monday and Wednesday before concert

Recording Dates: TBA


Music Admissions
Last update: 07-Jun-2020
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